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Matters of the Heart



Matters of the Heart

It is said that time heals all wounds, that it will eventually erase
a heart ache you once knew. Father time has a way of making it ease
but the heart always remembers the pain and joy of the past.
A piece of each person goes with the parting of a love.
Each person is never the same again, weather for the good
bad or sad. Their souls learning how to adjust to the pain
of a broken heart. The heart listing the new pain with
all the ones that it hates.

The eyes release tears of many kinds, relief, grief anger,
and many others. While the body grows and moves on day to day
some few souls and hearts are paused in that one frozen point
of time before the heart ache. Their minds erasing goodbye,
they can't cope with the pain so they comprise with their hearts.

Others come and go and give joys of different kinds.
One night stands become something more of a need out of loneliness
never called making love. All in the end time
eases the pain but father time can never erase
the painful matters of the heart.....

By Jennifer Bergerson

Poet: Jennifer Dell Bergerson
Copyright © 2009 Jennifer Dell Bergerson

read: 1556 times Rating: Date: 15 July, 2009

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