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The tears fell never ending in a stream. Her heart shattered
by the one person she thought she could trust, her fear consuming her daily life.
The once care free woman now broken and hidden.
Her soul feeling shame, as if she had been marked
for all to see and mock. Life becoming a routine nothing
more. Smiles she may cast never look as angelic as they
did so long ago.

Society never reaching a hand out to these broken hearts,
just sweeping them under the rug, so the ugliness of this
world is hidden in the darkest corners.
The subject forbidden amongst her family, telling her that
it's happened in the past to leave it there.

Her confusion searing into her heart, until the day she
walks out from those dark corners into the sunlight, and
regains the dignity she once had.
Her heart still in pain for the innocence she once lost,
but her soul at peace knowing her father, god
would exact vengeance like no one on earth.

Her once shamed soul not showing it's
bruises and scars of past misdeeds.
Showing the joy and love she found by giving her life and
soul to Jesus, etching her name in his book for her place
in heaven.

The man that took from her the innocence she no longer fears,
his life is one of deep darkness and seedy
behavior until if he chooses he too may
give his life and soul to Jesus, and ask for forgiveness
not only form the innocent child he stole it from but
also our father in heaven.


Poet: Jennifer Dell Bergerson
Copyright © 2009 Jennifer Dell Bergerson

read: 2120 times Rating: Date: 15 July, 2009

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