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Etched in her heart


Etched in her heart
By Jennifer Bergerson

Her eyes show less pain then the world will
ever know she holds confined in a broken heart and soul.
She fears other's rumors or opinions that fly when she
has let her secret be known. So she conceals the one joy
mother's pride, her son for she gave him a better life
then she could have.

His life she will never know anything about, that was
the agreement for in this world children's safety is
what matters the most. Her arms feel empty each day and night
her soul weeps harder on his birthday each year,
Knowing a piece of her is out there in this
cold deceitful world and she knows not where.

She will never be allowed a mother's day, her world is
confined to realizing that nothing she does will
ever undo the past. She prays constantly that god
will grant her the honor of sending his guardian angels to
watch over the little boy she gave birth to, but will never

Hers is a pain that never dies,
that time will not forget,

for it is etched in the stone
coldness of her own heart.....

Poet: Jennifer Dell Bergerson
Copyright © 2009 Jennifer Dell Bergerson

read: 1592 times Rating: Date: 15 July, 2009

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